American Chilean Horse Registry

Breed Description

America’s working stock horse, the breed focuses on stocky, large boned, athletic, and very cowy horses. Caballo De Pura Raza Chileno, The Purebred Chilean Horse, has an extreme desire to work stock and maintains a compliant personality.

Bred to work cattle in both pasture and in pens, the Chilean Horse is extremely powerful. Their uses include working cattle, cutting, reining, and roping.

Breed Core

Caballo de Pura Raza Chileno is a direct import from Chile, The Purebred Chilean Horse.  The Chilean Horse is currently recorded in the Chilean government registry (Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura).  Sociedada Nacional de Agricultura maintains the oldest registry of stock horses.  They have been selectively bred since 1544 and their lineage has been recorded under a closed registry since 1893.

For nearly five hundred years, the breed has been tailored to aggressively work cattle and other stock.  With the demand of extensive cattle work, the Chilean Horse is specifically bred to be cowy and fearless in its work.

The Chilean Horse must withstand harsh working conditions.  They are specifically bred to have large strong bones, hardy hooves, and massive respiratory and circulatory systems.  Pen work as well as Chilean rodeos are not limited to roping.  Using its chest and body, Chilean Horses pin cattle against walls and other horses to gain control over them.

Registry Requirements

All registries must have verifiable linage to the Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura.  DNA Testing is required.  All new registries must be parent verified to both sire and dam. 

All registries must be microchipped.  Microchips are supplied by the Registrar.