Horse Microchips

Identification for Life

Microchips ensure ownership of your horse.  Better than a brand, a microchip identifies each individual horse as well as the owner’s information.  Whether your horse is lost, stolen, or in the case of natural disaster, your horse can easily be identified.

Microchips are not all the same. Some are better than others! These meet official standards set by ISO and ICAR. A lifetime microchip serves the many needs of the horse and owner – throughout the life of the horse.

The Equine Protection Registry™

  • Registration is for life or as long as you own your horse.
  • Free web account and member card.
  • Free nationwide ‘SearchAlerts
  • No annual fees or hidden costs.

The Equine Microchip Lookup Tool™

The EMLT is the most reliable and thorough identification database.  Your microchipped horse’s information is readily available to authorities around the world.  Click the EMLT Logo to visit the page.

A Simple Method

Whether you do it yourself, attend one of our microchip clinics, or have your vet implant, microchipping a horse is as easy as giving an injection.  Click the video and see how easy it really is.

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