American Hibrido Registry

Breed Description

America’s most versatile ranch horse, the breed focuses on smoother gaited, bigger bodied, and exceptionally athletic horses. The American Hibrido has immense stamina and a disposition to please.

Their uses include roping, reining, barrel racing, working cattle, jumping, dressage, and pleasure riding.

Breed Core

A breed of its own, the American Hibrido originated from select breeding between the American Marchador and the American Quarter Horse.  The American Hibrido maintains a minimum of 50% American Marchador, a saddle horse used to work cattle.

Smooth and athletic, the American Marchador is unlike typical gaited breeds.  They walk, trot, batida/picada, lope, and flat gallop.  Unrestricted, they spin, slide, jump, and turn on a dime.  Remarkably easy to train, The American Marchador is known for its docile personality.

While maintaining The American Marchador attributes The American Hibrido incorporates the size and power of the American Quarter Horse to make the most versatile ranch horse.

Registry Requirements

All registries must be a minimum of 50% American Marchador.

New lineage must be from The American Marchador Registry or the American Quarter Horse Association registry.  Depending upon linage and conformation, select American Paint Horse Association breeding stock may be eligible.  The Registrar may reject stock for poor conformation or defects against the breed standard.

DNA Testing is required.   All new registries must be parent verified to both sire and dam.   A copy of the AQHA papers and a breeder’s affidavit must be submitted at time of registration. Same applies for APHA eligible breeding stock.

All registries must be microchipped.  Microchips are supplied by the Registrar.

Endorsements are available upon request.  A breeder may request the Registrar inspect stock for ideal breed standards.  Stock showing batida and picada gaits of the American Marchador will be given higher recognition and be deemed a superior quality American Hibrido.